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For Large Corporations

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Our Solar Energy Solution
for Large Corporations and Site Networks

Discover How You Can Benefit from GIGA.GREEN's Comprehensive Solar Solution.
We offer a tailored solution to meet your sustainable energy goals.

90% Less Effort

Everything from a single source – GIGA.GREEN handles project planning, financing, installation, maintenance, and operation of the system.

Lease Prepayment

You will receive either a one-time or annual lease prepayment for the entire duration of the contract.

No Investment Costs

We cover all expenses for construction, operation, and maintenance, ensuring it pays off from day one.

5-25 Years of Price Stability

You receive the generated electricity from the system at a long-term fixed, affordable price, reducing your energy costs by up to 50%.

Compliance with ESG Guidelines

Achieve your sustainability goals and improve your carbon footprint by utilizing your rooftops for solar installations.

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With several sites, you benefit from a share of the electricity revenue.

With GIGA.GREEN, Both Tenants and Owners of Commercial Properties Benefit.

For Tenants

Affordable Solar Power: Reduce your energy costs with long-term stable electricity prices.

Sustainability: Lower CO2 emissions and highlight your commitment to the environment.

Your daily business activities remain unaffected during construction and maintenance phases.

For Owners

Increased Property Value: Boost your property’s market value with the installation of a solar system.

No Investment Costs: GIGA.GREEN covers all expenses for construction, ongoing operation, and maintenance.

Make your property more attractive with cost-effective, green energy for your tenants.

Solar Systems Without Investment Costs For:

Roof Areas

Utilize unused roof areas to generate eco-friendly, cost-effective energy right on-site.

Open Areas

Generate sustainable energy on unused open spaces and benefit from long-term lease payments.


Solar carports protect your fleet and provide immediately usable electricity through charging infrastructure.

Agricultural Land

For landowners: Utilize unused agricultural land to create additional revenue streams.

In addition, we offer solutions for desired battery and charging infrastructure

Sustainable Energy for Your Site Network

We take care of all your locations – from project planning and financing to the operation of your new energy systems. With GIGA.GREEN, you receive a customized, unified energy concept for your entire site network.

An additional advantage:

For multiple locations, we offer the possibility of revenue sharing from electricity sales.

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Save Up to 90% Effort With the GIGA.GREEN Solar Solution

Buying a Solar System Without GIGA.GREEN


Your Risks:
Technical failures
Regulatory changes
Market price risks
Your Effort:
Planning and approval
Staffing requirements
Your Costs:
Financing costs
Grid connection
Investment costs
Operating costs

Buying a solar system WITH GIGA.GREEN

Less Time Investment with GIGA.GREEN
Remaining Effort:
Providing roof and open space areas
Providing property documentation
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Professional Solar Solutions for Large

Benefit from tailored solar solutions for your entire site network. Thanks to our experienced team, we can successfully handle even complex roof configurations and demanding projects. With GIGA.GREEN, you have a professional partner who stands by your side from planning and financing to the operation and maintenance of your solar systems.

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How Does the GIGA.GREEN Concept Work?

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Book a Free Consultation

1. Personal Consultation

Your personal solar energy expert will introduce you to the GIGA.GREEN concept and gather your requirements.

2. Site Assessment & Analysis

Our project team will assess the site conditions and present the results of the feasibility analysis.

3. Cooperation Agreement

We will sign an agreement with you for roof leasing and electricity supply.

4. Planning & Scheduling

Your project team will plan the construction and present the project milestones.

5. Installation & Commissioning

The construction of the solar system begins, followed by its commissioning and connection to the grid.

6. Electricity Supply & Maintenance

We start supplying electricity and take care of the monitoring and maintenance of the system throughout the contract duration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We leave no question unanswered. If your question is not listed here, please feel free to contact us directly.

Why should I work with GIGA.GREEN as an SME?

GIGA.GREEN enables you to benefit from cheap solar energy without your own investment costs. We take care of everything — from planning to maintenance.

Isn't a solar system too expensive for my company?

With GIGA.GREEN, you bear no investment costs. Our PPAs offer you stable and affordable electricity prices over the long term, which reduce your energy costs.

How much time does my company need to invest in the implementation?

Minimal. GIGA.GREEN takes care of the entire project, allowing your company to focus on its core business.

How can I be sure that a PV system is worthwhile for my company?

Our experts conduct a detailed profitability analysis that demonstrates how your company can benefit from cost savings and sustainable energy.

What are the insurance obligations?

The system comes with all-risk insurance, covering all damage caused to or by the investment due to external circumstances. However, damages caused by the building (e.g., a fire that damages the system) are excluded, and the customer must insure against such risks accordingly.

Can I obtain electricity from GIGA.GREEN if I don't own the property?

Yes, with the landlord's approval. The contractual relationships are: a lease agreement between the building owner and GIGA.GREEN, and a power purchase agreement between the tenant and GIGA.GREEN.

How long does the system last?

The modules are very durable and have a performance guarantee of 85% after 25 years. Some of the inverters can fail during their 20-year run time, but are then repaired or replaced.

What happens when the property is sold?

There is no change in the operation of the system. The new owner can enter into a power purchase agreement with us. In addition, the investment, e.g. by credit institutions or potential buyers, is valued as an upgrade of the property.

How can GIGA.GREEN support my company with multiple locations?

GIGA.GREEN offers customized, standardized energy solutions for your entire site network. We handle financing, project planning, and operations at all locations.